Ariana Grande Restarts Performance ’cause a Fan Wasn’t Recording

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Whoever said Ariana Grande is a diva is *seriously* disturbed. Why? Well, for starters, Ari actually stopped mid-performance and restarted the song she was singing at the request of a die-hard fan. If that’s not super ~sweetening~ move, we don’t know what is!

You know that saying, whatever Arianators want, they get? Okay, it’s not an official saying, but you get what we mean. Anyway, that very statement was proven true at the singer’s Sweetener listening session in Los Angeles, California on Saturday night when a fan hilariously interrupted Ari’s s performance, simply because they couldn’t get their life together and start their video recording on time.

So, here’s how the whole exchange went down: As the 25-year-old started to perform her song, “raindrops (an angel cried),” a fan waited until the perfect moment to scream out, “Start again, I wasn’t recording!” and to everyone’s surprise, she actually obliged! But, of course, not before roasting the fan for not being ready.

After giggling at the request, Ari said, “Did you say start again I wasn’t recording? …Are you ready now?”

You guys, we literally stan a considerate queen. How adorable was that?! But you know, as cute as that was, we’re not so sure fans would get the same reaction if they were to yell that in the middle of an actual concert, but who knows? Maybe Ari would do the same thing in the middle of a huge concert production if you asked nicely!