The World’s Largest News Organization Claims Ariana Grande is Pregnant!

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Beyonce‘s pregnancy announcement rocked the world — TWINS, AHH!!! — but did you know that it wasn’t the only celebrity baby announcement to make the news in February 2017? You may think we must be confused ’cause we’re only two days into the new month, and Queen Bey’s memes are the only ones being shared across the Internet rn… but we’re not.

According to the world’s oldest and largest news-gathering organization, Associated Press (AP), Ariana Grande has at least one bun in the oven, too!

(Twitter @APEntertainment)

(Twitter @APEntertainment)

Like, WHA-?! It’s AP, so it must be true, right???


So, the tweet’s been deleted, and the post was unauthorized… but is it untrue? So far, there’s been no word from the 23-year-old’s camp regarding the situation, but others guess that AP was hacked, considering the wording of the tweet in question. AP is a respected outlet, so this is concerning no matter how you put it.
Ariana Grande never lets the sexist haters get her down. Here are seven times she shut ’em down: