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The Fan Theories Behind Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry” Single

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This is a case for the FBI… and by FBI, we mean the Internet!

Ariana Grande FINALLY announced that she’s releasing new music soon via a series of cryptic tweets. Her first was a simple teardrop emoji, which was followed by a tweet of the words “missed you.” Finally, she tweeted out the words, “no tears left to cry,” upside down, along with the date April 20th.

The moment that first tweet went out, Arianators KNEW Ari was confirming that she’s dropping new music this Friday. We’re not quite sure if “No Tears Left to Cry” is the title of her whole album or just the leading single, but we’ll take whatever we can get because this is Ariana freakin’ Grande we’re talking about.

Of course, with her epic Twitter announcement, came a SLEW of fan theories about what exactly “No Tears Left to Cry” will be about. One fan tweeted, “i feel like ‘no tears left to cry’ will be about having something so terrible happen it turns your world upside down — hence the upside down writing on the sweaters and ari’s upside down instagram stories.”

Ari, her mom, and her brother have all been spotted wearing sweaters with the words, “No tears left to cry,” written upside down on them, which is what tipped off fans that new Ari music was coming in the first place. Still, the sweaters don’t really give us much context as to what the song will be about.

A number of fans believe the song will be about the Manchester terrorist attack and its aftermath. One fan suggested that the upside-down picture of a rainbow Ari posted to her Instagram stories hints at this, tweeting, “there is a rainbow, it connects with the song ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ that she performed at One Love Manchester, so (hypothetically) no tears left to cry is about manchester.”

One fan also suggested that this song is probably going to be a more somber, heartfelt ballad, rather than a pop anthem, tweeting, “I can already tell that no tears left to cry is going to be personal & it’s gonna make us all cry and it’ll be so different than anything we heard from her before.”

But by far one of the WILDEST theories, and possibly our favorite out there, is that the song is going to somehow relate to Stranger Things. Ari is an open STAN of the ’80s-inspired show, and she DID title the song upside down, so even though it sounds ridiculous, it’s not the craziest theory in the world. One fan tweeted, “@ArianaGrande is a stranger things stan. She’s obsessed with the upside down lmao. #AG4,” while another wrote, “BY. THE. WAY. can you explain from where did you come up with the ‘upside down’ idea…ARE WE LIVING IN DA STRANGER THINGS WORLD SISTER.”

It’s probably unlikely, but if Ariana DID write a whole song about The Upside Down from Stranger Things, let’s be real: It would be the greatest pop culture mashup of all time.

For now, we have no idea what “No Tears Left to Cry” is about, but one thing is for sure: Arianators are currently living their lives in ALL CAPS as they count down the seconds until it drops on Friday.