Fans Start Crazy Conspiracy Theory About Ariana Grande’s Album Cover

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People have been questioning how Ariana Grande stayed casually perched on that stool for her My Everything album cover and now it’s become an incredible conspiracy. Seriously you guys, she either has an incredible Photoshop artist, or is truly a magical unicorn who can do anything. (We’re kinda thinking the latter.)

It all started when BuzzFeed producer Jesse McLaren called out Ariana in a tweet along with a side-by-side of the album cover and his attempted recreation (a.k.a. him falling off the tiny stool because it’s SO unlikely anyone could sit on a stool so gracefully).

And then it just kinda spiraled out of control. People on Twitter started comparing the newfound conspiracy to the door that saved Rose, but left Jack to die in Titanic:

While others pointed out that the only difference between being able to balance gracefully with both legs on a stool and not being able to is Ari’s magically ponytail.
And then the singer herself got into the mix by retweeting Jesse’s tweet and adding, “next week on Mythbusters.”

After that, there was no stopping this meme/conspiracy from running rampant. Fans started recreating the photo left and right and, honestly, a bunch of people managed to effortlessly recreate it:

Sorry, Jesse, don’t blame Ari for you not being able to recreate her flawless album cover. Maybe you just need a little more practice…