Sooo, Ariana Grande’s Been Wearing a Diamond Ring on THAT Finger for Weeks

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To say it’s been an emotional few weeks for Ariana Grande would be putting it lightly. After all, 22 people were killed and 59 were injured after her show on May 22. That’s why she went out of her way to host a benefit concert, titled One Love Manchester — which generated $2.6 million in donations over a three-hour period for a special fund to help victims of the terrorist attack, contributing to the $12.9 million raised so far — over the weekend.

But, perhaps, the last few weeks — maybe even months! — have been emotional on a more positive level for the 23-year-old Victorious alum as well. Like… maybe she’s not only a ~dangerous woman~; maybe she’s an engaged one, too!

While on stage at the June 4 performance, fans couldn’t help but notice a huge diamond ring on her left ring finger, leading everyone on the Internet thinking that the “One Last Time” singer’s boyfriend, Mac Miller, popped the question. People wear jewelry on that finger all the time, even when they’re not betrothed, but LOOK AT THAT ROCK:



Ariana and the 25-year-old rapper have only been dating for 10 months, but they’ve been friends for years, collaborating on the lead single, “The Way,” from her debut album, Yours Truly, back in early 2013, so they talk about their love quite frequently.

Although people are only just coming to the realization that Ari may be tapped to walk down the aisle soon, some fans pointed out that she’s been wearing that particular finger ornament throughout her Dangerous Woman Tour:

And had it on when she came home post-attack:

Is it an engagement ring? Is it a promise ring? Is it one of those “treat yo’self” type of pieces? Only Ariana knows for sure.
Prior to confirmation of her relationship with Mac Miller, Ariana racked up quite the dating timeline: