Weeks After Ariana Grande’s Split, She Moved on to Another (More Famous) Bae

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Ariana Grande and Ricky Alvarez seemed so happy together, so when they broke up in the middle of July, fans were pretty shocked. But while the “Into You” singer was clearly upset at the time, it looks like she’s not dwelling on the past at all.

Just days after Ari and and the dancer split, she was seen hanging out with rapper and former collaboration partner Mac Miller at Disneyland.

The pair was then seen together again, this time playing Pokémon GO.

It all started to make sense when the 23-year-old released a remix to her new single, featuring the 24-year-old.

So, case solved, right? Ariana and Mac are just friends. Not so fast…

The musicians didn’t stop hanging out after their collab was released and were actually just spotted together at LAX, jetting off to an unknown destination together.

If fans thought the Ari-Mac relationship was heating up before, this definitely pushed ’em over the edge, but they’re not too happy about it at all.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, and the musical duo may very well just be rekindling their longtime friendship. As the former Nickeldeon star has said in the past, “A girl can be friends with someone with a d*ck and not hop on it.”

If this news is true, Ari and Mac can be added to the list of couples who started dating after making music together: