This is the Most Savage Thing Ariana Grande Has Ever Done to an Ex-Boyfriend

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Although Ariana Grande recently shut down Ryan Seacrest when he asked about her relationship with Mac Miller, everyone is pretty darn sure the musicians are, in fact, dating. But just because the 23-year-old is seemingly happy with her new man doesn’t mean she’s done talking about her ex-boyfriend, Ricky Alvarez.

Yesterday, the “Side to Side” crooner tweeted, “Spent all of last night working on something y’all have been wanting for a long time and I can’t wait to give it to you.” That present was a new song, “Knew Better Part Two,” a continuation of the track from Dangerous Woman. The tune starts out the same as its predecessor, but after the first chorus hits we hear what Ari was so keen on getting out into the world — some serious shade. Here are the lyrics:

You make a mistake, you better learn from it
Play with tea, you get burned from it
My daddy always told me if he makes you cry, he ain’t the one
You better run from it
Used to get to me mentally
I don’t f*ck with your energy
If you knew better, you would do better
But you don’t know s*it, so I’ll do better
Got a new ‘do, and some new shoes
Just to go with my new boo
Loving me like he used to
And I ain’t even worried ’bout it this time
I know he gon’ be the one to treat me just right
Never had a m*therf*cker this tight
So baby this is what your soulmate looks like
I look good, right?

While the crooner doesn’t mention any names, it’s pretty obvious that she’s comparing her ex to her current boo.

Here’s the thing — Ariana obviously spilled the effing tea with “Knew Better Part Two,” but the best way to get back at an ex is to show ’em how happy you are, which is exactly what she’s doing. SLAY, QUEEN!

If Ariana’s not writing about her boyfriends, she’s working with ’em!