Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber Kiss-y Pic Causes Uproar Among Beliebers

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Twitter (@ArianaGrande)Try not to get too worked up, Beliebers, but Justin Bieber planted a wet one on BELIEVE tourmate Ariana Grande last night. In a totally platonic way, of course. But that still didn't stop the uproar. (Come on, Ari and Justin. You knew this would happen.)

After the Biebs egged on his Nickelodeon pal, saying: "@ArianaGrande post that pic and tell your grandma she is a cutie," the 20-year-old singer/actress tweeted out a photo of her and the "As Long As You Love Me" crooner in a mouth-to-cheek embrace, along with the caption "@justinbieber you're crazy and nonna says thank you, she loves you." This was soon followed by an attack on Ariana from Beliebers.

But, rather than take down the picture and cave in to the online abuse, Ari responded:

Ariana is currently dating Jai Brooks from YouTube comedy troupe The Janoskians, so we're not seeing Justiana becoming a 'thing.' But what do you think of the snapshot? Should Ari and the Biebs' have kept it to themselves, knowing it would cause controversy if released? Or is it perfectly innocent, and fans just need to get over it? We wanna know your thoughts!

Love yourself some Ariana Grande? Just wait ’til you see what she did for one lucky Teen reader:

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