7 Times Ariana Grande Perfectly Shut Down Disgustingly Sexist Haters

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Ariana Grande is someone you seriously can’t help but love. Sure, she had that whole #DoughnutGate scandal back in 2015, but since then she’s totally redeemed herself. Her album, Dangerous Woman, is basically one of the only good things that came out of the entire year of 2016, her relationship with her brother is serious sibling goals, AND she’s a self-proclaimed feminist who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

As a young woman living in THE WORLD — and especially as a young woman working in the entertainment industry — she comes into contact with misogyny and sexism all. the. time. But Ari isn’t the type of gal who will just laugh it off and let casual sexism go unnoticed. Instead, she isn’t afraid to confront the issues head-on, firing epic disses to haters who say misogynistic B.S. to her face.