Ariana Grande Has a New Love in Her Life, But It’s Not Big Sean

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Ariana Grande's going through some changes in her personal life. First, it was announced that she split with on-again/off-again boyfriend Jai Brooks… again, obvs. Then, shiz hit the fan when someone on Twitter claimed to have spotted the 21-year-old singer with her "Right There"/"Problem"/"Best Mistake" partner, Big Sean, getting real cozy up in the movie theater. Now, she's got ANOTHER new love in her life — but it's probably not what you think.

Earlier in the week, Ari took to Instagram to introduce the world to Fawkes Kitty, her beautiful "diva' puppy. Isn't she the actual cutest?!

Instagram (@arianagrande)

Ariana writes, "[I] want to introduce y'all to somebody… this is Fawkes! I adopted her while I was in Florida last month. She is an angel!!! and a bad ass bitch haha. she's got the fiercest, sweetest and most daring nature! Constantly play fighting and wrestling with Toulouse even tho she's half his size. She is so brave. I love her."

So, what do you think of the new addition to the Grande family? Leave your thoughts on Fawkes Kitty in the comments below!

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