Ariana Grande Gives Fan Advice In Heartfelt Twitter Direct Messages

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It’s no secret that Ariana Grande LOVES her fans, so when one reached out about learning to accept yourself, Ari was quick to jump in and give some advice. The 21-year-old singer and actress sent the fan named Maya a series of direct messages on Twitter to help encourage her to embrace the person she is.

Ariana then took a screen shot of the conversation and posted it to her Instagram, so her message of acceptance could be spread among her fans.

Here’s what she said regarding the screenshots:

“Here are some dms I sent to a love named maya. posting em on here in hopes that maybe they’ll be helpful to some of u loves that can relate! I know I can. please be good to u. life is a gift and there is no need to waste it hating on the things we can’t control. as hard as that can be. try to focus more on improving the things we actually can control / change…. our outlook, our state of mind, our ego, the way we treat others, the way we treat ourselves, showing more appreciation, not giving into our fears, the way we react to obstacles, etc.. some of the most important work we do during our time here on this earth is the work we do on ourselves. and it’s hard work too. love youuuu tons.”

So sweet! Right Arianators?

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