Ariana Grande Defends Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement

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If there’s one person who knows what it’s like to get engaged after only a short period of dating, it’s Ariana Grande; the 24-year-old singer had a ring on her finger after just weeks of dating comedian Pete Davidson, after all. So, when Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged yesterday, the world couldn’t help but make comparisons between the famous couples, especially since JB and Ari share Scooter Braun as a manager.

One fan jokingly tweeted yesterday, “First Ariana get engaged to Pete Davidson and now Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin the devil works hard but Scooter Braun works harder.”

The “No Tears Left to Cry” singer wasn’t tagged in the note, but still saw it and quickly fired back.

“You do realize we are human being who love and have lives… right?” she replied. “And that Scooter is a wonderful human being too who cares first n foremost ab our health and happiness? Love is lit. Sh*t happens. I hope to god it happens to you too. U deserve it.”

She has since deleted the response.

She then defended the 37-year-old to another fan who told her the original tweet was just a joke. She wrote, “Okay okay. Be nice to that man. He’s wonderful. And very human. Always puts his artists’ health and happiness first.”

Is it strange that both Ariana and Justin had sudden engagements in the past few weeks? Yes, definitely. But coincidences happen and, as AG says, “love is lit.”