Why Ariana Grande’s New Music Video Has Fans Convinced She Got a Boob Job

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Republic Records

Republic Records

Ariana Grande definitely isn’t the little innocent Nickelodeon girl she once was. As the now-22-year-old star grows up, she becomes more and more comfortable with herself and, in turn, her sexuality. Enter: “Dangerous Woman.”

The song itself is definitely sexy, and the first music video doesn’t disappoint. But as we watched Ari roll around in lingerie, we (and others watching) couldn’t help but notice one thing — the “Focus” singer’s breasts seem to be much larger than they were in the past.

But while some people were quickly convinced Ariana’s suddenly enhanced chest is the result of surgery, others know what’s really the cause — a good ol’ push-up bra!

“It’s a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra,” she said the last time she was rumored to have gone under the knife. “False advertisement just like the rest of America, children.”

Makes sense, if you ask us. Ari has always been proud of her small chest, so it seems pretty unlikely that she’d suddenly get implants at this point in her life.

Check out Ari’s “Dangerous Woman” (Visual 1) music video below, and decide for yourself if she went under the knife or not!

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