Ariana Grande Reportedly Fires Backup Dancer for Using N-Word on Instagram

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One member of the Dangerous Woman World Tour crew will not be celebrating with the rest of the gang as the 7-month run comes to a close in Hong Kong on September 21. Ariana Grande has allegedly fired backup dancer Lady Cultura just as the tour was on its last leg, for using the N-word on Instagram.

The LA-based choreographer used the racial slur in an Insta story about a week and a half ago, which garnered TONS of rightful criticism from Arianators.

lady cultura n word

LC didn’t seem to understand that what she did was incredibly wrong, as she reportedly direct messaged a couple fans and tried to defend herself with equally as problematic responses.

“Saying ‘I love this n****’ does not make you racist,” one screenshot shows her saying. “You have to understand context. If I said ‘I hate n******,’ completely racist. Two different things. Simply saying the word doesn’t make you racist.”

She told allegedly another, “None of my Black fans have said anything. They love me and say [the N-word] to me.”

Lady Cultura then posted an apology on Twitter.

Fast forward a few days, the dancer was visibly missing from the Brisbane, Australia, DWT show. Fans quickly started questioning what was going on, and rumors of her firing began to run rampant.

The woman also didn’t perform at Ari’s concert in Singapore and removed the line about her being a Dangerous Woman World Tour dancer that was in her Instagram bio for months.

Twitter user ThePopHub, a source for entertainment news, later stated that LC was, in fact, fired from the tour as result of the racial slur and left with just a few more shows to go.

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