#NeverForget: Remembering the 9 Teens (& 1 Child) Who Died in Manchester

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The world has proven to be scary, even in the places that seem the most safe: movie theaters, schools, marathons… Tragedies have taken place at all of them. In 2016, back-to-back fatal events took place in Orlando, FL: the shooting & killing of Christina Grimmie after her own concert, and the shooting & killing of 50+ LGBTQ lives at Pulse nightclub.

Yet, even with all of those tragic events in our history, it still doesn’t take away the shock of learning of another catastrophic occurrence — that was proven earlier this week when a suicide bomber murdered 22 human beings after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England on Monday, May 22.

That was what the 23-year-old “One Last Time” singer first said in the wake of the tragic attack before penning a lengthier, more in-depth letter hours ago. And what else is there to be said? What can you possibly say at a time like this? We sure as heck don’t know the right answer…

BUT, we do know one thing: We don’t want to talk about the terrorists who destroyed the lives of these people; their names don’t matter here. What does matter are these names: John Atkinson, 26; Kelly Brewster, 32; Wendy Fawell, 50; Martyn Hett, 29; Alison Howe, 44; Michelle Kiss, 45; Angelika Klis, 40; Marcin Klis, 42; Lisa Lees, 43; Elaine McIver, 43; Philip Tron, 32; Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 51. These are 12 people who enjoyed the performance with their family members and/or were at the arena to pick up their friends/family members who did. Yet, they’re no longer here because of an act of terrorism.

The same could be said for these 10 human beings — nine teenagers and one younger child. After a joyful evening, they lost their lives. So, since we’re Teen.com, we wanted to pay tribute to those teens (+ an innocent 8-year-old girl) because no one deserves what these 22 victims, as well as the ~60 who were injured, the other attendees and the friends & family members of those who were hurt, suffered through: