Ariana Grande Changes the Name of Her Song, “Pete,” and Here’s Why

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We’re just a couple of weeks away from Ariana Grande‘s highly anticipated album, Sweetener, making its official debut, but the singer is still making some last minute changes to the track list. No, Ari’s not adding anything new like another track to that list (that we know of at least) she’s just changing the title of the song named after her soon-to-be hubby Pete Davidson!

News broke yesterday that Ariana changed the title of the track “Pete.” Now, if we simply stopped the sentence there then it would sound like there was trouble in paradise for the loving couple. But, thankfully, that’s not the case. Ari actually just added the comedian’s last name to the track so that it now reads, “Pete Davidson.” So if you weren’t sure about who the song was about before, it’s a little more obvious now since there’s only one famous Pete Davidson in pop culture as of right now.

Once this change was made and noted by fans, an Arianator asked the “no tears left to cry” singer what caused her to add in Pete’s last name to the track. Well, get a box of tissues ready because Ari gave the sweetest explanation and it might actually make you cry. Or maybe just well up a bit.

So, just in case you still had doubts about whether or not Pariana is the real thing or not, that answer should clear those doubts right up. But seriously you guys, we are feeling ALL the feels right now. Ugh, find you somebody that talks about you like Ariana talks about Pete.