Fans Think They Found Hidden Message in Ariana Grande’s “Breathin”

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Ariana Grande‘s “Breathin” is not a single off of Sweetener (yet), but it’s still dominating the charts with its catchy beat and powerful lyrics. The tune is all about the 25-year-old’s struggle with anxiety and panic attacks and while the message is pretty straight forward — “just keep breathin'” — fans think they found a hidden message in the track, as well.

“Breathin” begins with a voice saying something indecipherable in the background of the intro music. Well, Arianators had the bright idea to reverse this chunk of the tune and stumbled upon something pretty freakin’ incredible — a male voice that seemingly says, “Tonight is your special night. Do something magic.”

But wait! Fans took things to the next level and came up with an additional theory that it’s actually Ari’s late grandfather, lovingly known as Grandpa Grande, who is saying the inspirational words. We’re not sure why they think this, but they’re running with it and we’re not here to stop ’em.

Ariana has not commented on this fan theory yet, but she’s always super interactive on social media and will most likely say something eventually. Stay tuned!