12 Ariana Grande-Big Sean Memes That Will Remind You How Creepy They Were

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Like Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga, Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s romance was… interesting to say the least. Sure, there was nothing illegal about their love, but their 5-year age gap definitely made people scratch their heads… annnnd make some pretty hilarious memes.

1. How a typical conversation went down:

2. Well, at least you know Big Sean doesn’t have a type!

3. #Blessed

4. UGH this is just wrong!

5. And so is this!!

6. Toys ‘R Us?!

7. “Yes? Okay, let’s talk…”

8. What a nice boyfriend!

9. There’s just something not right:


11. You know they couldn’t leave Tyga out of this!

12. You’re saying Chuck E. Cheese isn’t a hot spot??

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