You’re Already Quite Familiar with Ariana Grande’s Rumored Rebound Man

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North Gang

Color us shocked! Just after news broke that Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks called it quits (for the second time at the very least), the Internet exploded with rumors that she's already found a guy to rebound with — Big Sean!

Sure, the two have gotten together in the studio plenty of times — for "Right There," "Problem" and his upcoming track, "Best Mistake" — but in real life? Never would've thought so, since he also just got out of a serious relationship. (Then again, his ex, Naya Rivera, moved on even quicker and got married last month, so…) But one Twitter user by the name of Mohammed AlNashmi claims to have seen the two getting really cozy at the movies:

Despite all the haterade, the guy's sticking to his guns with his report. Guess we shouldn't be all too surprised considering how fast her relationship with Nathan Sykes started (and ended) after they recorded "Almost is Never Enough" together. If the rumors are true, would you ship Ari with Big Sean? Or are you still Team Jariana? Or Nariana? So many past/present/rumored couples to choose from!

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