Ariana Grande Honors Manchester Victims with Emotional Tribute Tattoo

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Ariana Grande will never forget the 22 people who lost their lives after a terrorist detonated a bomb at her Manchester, UK, concert on May 22nd. The “One Last Time” singer reportedly decided, however, that this memory was not enough and she needed a more permanent reminder of the innocent humans who were taken from us far too soon.

According to The Sun, the 23-year-old musician and her crew all got tattoos of bees immediately after the One Love Manchester benefit concert on Sunday night. The insect is known as the city’s unofficial mascot and is a “symbol of the city’s hard-working past, during the Industrial Revolution.” Tattoo artists apparently met the squad backstage and got to work pretty much as soon as the final notes of the concert were played.

Ari and her Dangerous Woman Tour family join hundreds of other people who got worker bees permanently etched on their skin as a part of a fundraiser launched by Manchester tattoo artists to raise money for the victims of the attack.

In addition to allegedly getting ink, Ari also spent Saturday at the hospital visiting those who were injured in the attack and talking to the families of the people who passed away. No one has seen the girl’s tattoo just yet, but the girl is set to resume her tour in Paris, France, tomorrow, so if the rumors are true, we’re sure we’ll get pictures soon.

The British Red Cross said it received about $3 million during the One Love Manchester broadcast, and over $13 million dollars in the following 12 hours. Amazing.

Remembering the nine teens and one child who died in the Manchester attack: