Days After Threesome Reveal, Shay Carl’s Lover Gives Pregnancy Update

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FINALLY some good(ish) news for Shay Carl! Just a few days ago, the woman who was on the receiving end of some RIDICULOUSLY explicit messages sent by the head of the Shaytards clan said she and a friend had a threesome with the YouTuber. While Aria Nina previously claimed she had sex with the 37-year-old YouTuber, she’s now taking it back…kinda

The good news? Shay didn’t get the adult video star pregnant. The bad news? She followed up the no-vaginal-sex tweet with this:

So, is Aria saying she and the YT guy had anal sex in addition to their dirty Internet discussions? Honestly, we might never find out the truth. While Shay and his wife of 14 years, Colette (Katilette) Butler, made an appearance together at their good friend Charles Trippy‘s wedding, they haven’t posted ANYTHING on social media OR YouTube since all this drama went down about a month ago.

The cam girl DID recently tweet, “Lighthearted trolling on the Internet has become really fun,” so we’re not really sure if her notes are part of the ‘game,’ or perhaps something more.

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