Are Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Actually Feuding?

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Unless you never go online, ever, you have probably heard of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry‘s alleged feud that’s been taking over social media for the past few years. It’s been back and forth since 2014 (or possibly earlier) when Tay released the diss track “Bad Blood” (it was never confirmed to be about KP, but we can assume). Katy just released her own diss track titled “Swish, Swish.” I did think it was called “Swedish Fish” for a long time, but that is besides the point.

Let’s recap this feud: In 2014, Taylor Swift released “Bad Blood,” then gave a quote to Rolling Stone that made it seem like it was about Katy Perry, who supposedly stole three of Taylor’s backup dancers while both were on tour. Katy and Taylor had been photographed together before, and everyone knew they were friendly. After “Bad Blood,” Katy tweeted this cryptic and iconique tweet that seemed to be about Taylor:

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