Watch Five Hilarious April Fool’s Day Prank Fails!

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For April Fool’s Day, you would expect people to come up with creative and hilarious new pranks to play on their friends and family. Well, sometimes those pranks they thought were good ideas turn out to be complete fails, but they end up being hilarious in their own way.

We hit up YouTube to find five examples of April Fool’s Day pranks gone wrong. Check them out below!

1. This first video is of a boy trying to get his sister to run into the saran wrap he placed on her door. This turns out to be a fail when she doesn’t get up from bed to chase him. Oops!

2. This next April Fool’s Day fail is of a guy trying to have a bowl of flour fall onto his friend’s head. He fails not once, but TWICE! You’d think he’d have time to figure out what went wrong the first time!

3. This one centers on the all important work place prank. Someone tries to prank their co-worker by attempting to pour water on them when they open the door, but it doesn’t quite work because the water doesn’t fall when it’s supposed to. Oh well, maybe next year!

4. In this video, a brother tries to wake his sister up by spilling cold water on her. Too bad she’s already awake and blocks the cup from spilling. If you ask us, this sounds like every day sibling hijinks!

5. Last but not least, in this video, a girl tries to tell her mom dog bit her. Unfortunately, the mom knew what day it was. Also, the prank seems a bit half-hearted in our opinion. Maybe she’ll get her mom next year!

Did you pull off any success pranks? Sound off in the comments section!

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