13 Memes That Say Exactly What You’re Thinking About the New iPhone 7

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Yesterday, Apple held its annual September conference and finally revealed details about the company’s latest creation, the iPhone 7. While Apple has always made changes to products’ designs as the years go on, this event featured the most shocking update of them all — no headphone jack in the phone. WHAT THA–

In order to cope with the news, many current iPhone users took to social media to express their frustration over the new design, and in addition to venting their disappointment in Steve Jobs’ company, they also did what they do best — make memes.

1. We miss you already.

2. *cries*

3. TRUE!

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4. We feel so old.


5. Thank you SO much, but…

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6. Ummm…

7. #MemeLife

8. Find the lie.


10. Is it a remote?

11. Seems right.

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12. Coincidence? We think not.

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