10 Insulting Twilight Memes Twihards Will Despise

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In case you haven’t heard the news, there are new Twilight movies on the way! That means everything’s gonna be all about vampires once again. BUT, until that time comes, why not check out some Twilight memes? Though, fair warning, diehard Twihards are going to despise them.

1. Way to plant, Bella.

Happily Candied

Happily Candied

2. She is… The Least Interesting Woman in the World.

3. Young Anakin could teach Edward & Bella a thing or two.

4. But it’s not Carlisle’s fault!

deviantART (asianplatypus6)

deviantART (asianplatypus6)

5. Oo, tough one.

6. Dumbledore has quite the sense of humor, huh?

Blogspot (siyingong)

Blogspot (siyingong)

7. Apparently, vampire powers = zero stretch marks.

8. Edward, behind you!

9. Those are some fighting words.

10. The biggest burn.

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