11 Hacks That Will Save Your Hair from Humidity in the Hot Summer Months

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Things we hate: humidity and frizzy hair. But unfortunately for us, both of those struggles are just a price we have to pay in exchange for the heat and humidity that comes during summer months. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? We don’t think so either, so we went on the hunt for the best humidity-proof hacks we could find and we were actually pretty successful!

These tips and tricks will keep your hair healthy, happy, and looking fresh AF when you need it the most — at all the biggest summer bashes of the season! Read on for a look at our suggestions. Oh…and you’re welcome. 😉

1. First up: Pre-shower protection. Your hair can get dried out by hot water, which will further increase frizz when you step outside. Save yourself the brittle strands by scrunching it with coconut oil 20 minutes before you hop in. This will give your locks a coating of moisture before the washing process even begins!

2. Or, you could try this DIY hair mask instead:

3. What should you wash you hair with, you may ask? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best frizz-fighting agents to look for in products:

4. Lock in moisture before the drying (and frizzing) process begins with a leave-in conditioner like this one:

5. And for protecting your locks from the drying effects of heat products (like hair dryers and flat irons):

6. Use a round brush to smooth out any stray frizzies while blow-drying your hair:

7. You can also twist your locks with your fingers while drying. This has a similar effect to throwing it up in a bun once it’s already dry, except it’s even more effective.

8. Argan oil will keep your hair smooth, but also weightless! Use after styling. And before you freak out about it making your roots oily, remember — apply from the ears down ONLY!

9. Hairspray is a great way to stop your hair from going crazy in heat and humidity! If you’re going to use it, skip the oils and try this process instead:

10. Here’s a super-simple trick to consider if you’ve tried one or more of the above remedies, but you’re still having trouble with flyaways:


11. Aaand here are some more. May the force be with you!