This is Not Clickbait — Anthony Padilla Suddenly Quits Smosh

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“This is not clickbait, this is not a sketch,” Ian Hecox stated in a recent YouTube video — Anthony Padilla is leaving Smosh after 12 years.

“I just need to do what’s best for me and that, right now, is for me to focus on creating stuff as an independent creator,” the 29-year-old explained.

His best friend of 19 years said he “fully support[s]” Anthony’s decision, which he’s actually been grappling with “for a while.” But even though the dark-haired cutie is excited about what’s to come, he’s still “really, really nervous.”

He continued, “I’m honestly scared. I’m gonna be doing everything on my own now and I feel like it’s really gonna be good for me.”

Ian assured fans that this decision isn’t going to affect anything between them personally and he wants everyone to stay positive in the coming weeks.

Shortly after Smosh’s video was posted, the newly solo YouTuber made his own emotional vid explaining that he chose to leave so he can gain full creative control of his content.

“I’ve been holding on to these memories and hoping that someday Smosh would be like how it was when we first started,” he said through tears.

Anthony reiterated the fact that he and Ian will always be best friends and he’ll always have love for the Smosh crew.

In case you didn’t know, Smosh is owned by DEFY Media, which also owns Teen.com. We are heartbroken to lose a member of our family, but know Anthony will go on to do AMAZING things on his own, as will Ian and the rest of the Smosh squad.

Anthony will still make his own YouTube videos, but these YouTubers said goodbye to the site for good: