Ant Nails are Officially a Thing and They’re Just as Gross as They Sound

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Get ready, y’all, because this beauty trend is NOT for the faint-hearted. We’re here to announce that ant nails have arrived, and they’re giving us goosebumps in the worst way possible.

This bizarre new manicure comes from the Instagram account responsible for some of the most bizarre manicures including teeth nails, feet nails and, yes, “okurrr” nails. But, we have to be honest… this new ant nail trend is without a doubt the worst one yet. Why? Because the ants are ALIVE!

That’s right, fam! Just when we thought nail art couldn’t get any crazier, this Moscow-based nail salon has us absolutely SHOOK. So, how exactly did they create the mani? Well, as you can see in the Insta vid, after a standard set of acrylics were applied to the nails, the technician made a separate plastic layer with openings on the ends so that they could get the live ants inside. But, although they left holes in the nails to ensure that the ants could breathe, people in the comments are NOT here for it, and TBH, we totally understand why.

You see, while the caption says that “no animals were harmed in the making of this video,” people were quick to point out how cruel it was to take the ants and confine them to such a small space. One person wrote in the comments, “Even though the ants weren’t harmed, they were still mistreated. And, it sends out the idea that this is somehow Ok. It is not!” Several people shared similar sentiments in the comments and on Twitter as well. See?

Clearly, people are NOT happy about this, and although we usually commend this nail salon for being super creative and innovative with their designs, we have to admit… they totally missed the mark with this one. Don’t you think?