Ansel Elgort’s New Movie Poses an Interesting Question. Join the Conversation!

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As you might know by now, Ansel Elgort is starring in a new movie called Men, Women & Children, and its plot certainly stirs up an interesting question. The movie centers on a group of parents and teenagers and how social media and the Internet affects their lives, relationships, and much more.

With that in mind, this question was posed on the popular app Whisper: “Should parents be allowed to monitor their kids’ texts?”

There were quite a few interesting responses that we wanted to share with you guys. Check them out below, and share your own feelings in the comments section. Also, Ansel’s new movie Men, Women & Children hits theaters in select cities on October 1, then will be released nation wide on October 17.

I say make it easy and just don't give your kids cell phones. No good ever came from kids having unlimited access to anyone and everything.


Unless there is suspicion then no. It is an invasion of their privacy and is not right as a parent im sure you wouldnt want them in on every conversation you have.


It depends. Parents need to be able to trust their children as it's the only way they'll gain their child's trust too. However if they have reason not to trust them then I think it'd be ok-it cant just be suspicion tho
If you smother your children, you're just going to make them worse. Just trust them, if they do something to lose that trust, then smother away, but not before then


I have a friend with strict parents and she's the most sneaky person I know. She always lies to them. Do you want your kid to do that? Sometimes I'm worried cause nobody knows where she really is...


Do they have that right? Absolutely. They pay for the phone. Should they check it? Only if they have a reason to.


Absolutely. Until they're about 16 at least. The parent is responsible for their child and should be aware of what's going on in their life. Doesn't mean you have to read every txt but still.


If they are under 18, I think so. Especially if you pay for their phone.

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