Fans Think Ansel Elgort Collaborated with Jin from BTS on New Music

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Cue the freaking out! Ansel Elgort just tweeted some news that has some fans thinking that he is collaborating with BTS member Jin on his upcoming album and we seriously hope it’s true.

The actor/musician has been somewhat absent lately on social media, so we were happy to see that, after almost a month, he finally tweeted again, even if it was just two words. Ansel wrote, “THANKS JIN,” obviously referring to the popular K-Pop boyband member.

Almost immediately after sending out that tweet, the 24-year-old followed up with saying, “I’m making my album sorry I’ve been quiet.”

At first, fans thought that Ansel was simply supporting the BTS Army’s campaign for the K-Pop group to win at the Billboard Music Awards, but his second tweet caused people to believe that he was sending a message about what to expect from his new music and that Jin will be featured in it somehow. It’s no secret that the Divergent actor loves BTS and wants to work with the band, so a collab with Jin seems to be pretty plausible.

It didn’t take long for BTS fans to start freaking out about the potential duet and honestly, we don’t blame them:

If this duet is legit, then we fully expect to be an emotional mess.