Ansel Elgort Does Shirtless Ice Bucket Challenge To Support ALS Awareness

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Ansel Elgort played one of the sweetest guys on the planet in The Fault In Our Stars, but did you know he has a heart of gold IRL, too?

You’ve probably noticed an onslaught of videos of people pouring ice water over their heads lately. No, your friends haven’t gone crazy; They’re simply participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge! But the challenge isn’t just for your friends — celebs like Ansel have taken the game into their own hands, too, in order to raise ALS awareness.

Typically, the game goes like this: Someone nominates you to participate in the challenge and you have to videotape yourself pouring ice water over your head and post it on social media. It’s then your turn to nominate your friends. If you choose not to do it, however, you’re asked to make a $100 donation to an ALS charity.

While Ansel definitely completed the challenge (see the video above), he also went a step further and made an additional $500 donation. As for the nominations part of it, Ansel nominated John Green, Nat Wolff and Dylan O’Brien to participate next. Yes, please!!

Ansel shirtless for a good cause? What more can we ask for?!

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