15 Things Ansel Elgort Can Do That Your Current Crush Can’t

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While having a crush on someone like Zac Efron or Harry Styles is totally great, there is no one quite as perfect as Ansel Elgort. In addition to being the leading man in one of the greatest movies of our generation, he can do things that will blow. your. mind. No, SERIOUSLY — we weren’t even aware some of his talents were humanly possible, people! From painting miniatures to dancing like a pro, we think it’s safe to say Mr. Elgort can do things your current crush only wishes he could do…

1. He could compete on American Ninja Warrior. Like, how is this even possible…

2. He can tap dance. Although he downplays his tap skills, this is UNREAL!

3. He defies gravity. No but SERIOUSLY — how. is. this. physically. possible?!

4. He can play the piano. And, more specifically, improvise beautiful songs on it at 4:30 a.m.

5. He can dunk. Unless your crush is Lebron James, we’re pretty sure he can’t do this.

6. He’s an EDM DJ. We’re not really sure what this entails exactly, but we know we couldn’t do it!

7. He can mimic James Dean. And it totally works!

8. He can do a duck-faced selfie and not look like a d-bag. This is an extreme rarity, people!

9. He scales buildings. #parkour

10. He paints miniatures. How can such a unique hobby be so, so attractive?

11. He can cook. While wearing a bunny costume, nonetheless!

12. He could fit right into your favorite boy band. See? Flawless!

13. He can sing, too! Here’s video proof:

14. He can be a shirtless angel. Who else could pull this off?

15. He can build a fire. It’s nice to know that if we’re ever stranded in the woods, we’d survive!

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