12 Annoying Things That Happen in Every Twilight Film

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Whether your favorite film of the Twilight saga is Breaking Dawn or New Moon, all Twilight fans can agree that the series is pretty awesome. From Edward and Bella’s love story (played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) to the Taylor Lautner going shirtless as Jacob, these films are great. The only downside is that something terrible or annoying always happens in each film.

Seriously, there are some awful and at the same time, dumb events that take place in each movie that we still can’t get over. From all the deaths to the amount of rain, sometimes the land of Forks is too much to handle. To relive all the annoying and sometimes heartbreaking moments scroll through the list below.

1. Bella bleeds. Why does she always cut herself? Doesn’t she know she is surrounded by vampires who drink blood? Come on, Bella!

2. Edward and Bella almost break up. Technically they never break up, but there is always a moment in time where everything is SO overwhelming that one or both of them think about ending things, which is heartbreaking and annoying. You love each other, stop pretending you don’t.

3. Someone dies. Seriously, is death really necessary? It makes the story more interesting sure, but every film gets more gruesome.

Tumblr (mtv)

Tumblr (mtv)

4. Bella’s family is left out. This is SO uncool. It is almost painful at times watching Mr. Swan try to be involved in Bella’s life as she shuts him down time and again.

5. Edward gets heartbroken. It’s too sad to watch him in pain. Why would anyone hurt Robert Pattinson’s feelings? It’s so cruel.

6. Jacob feels sad and alone. Hello, he is perfect, yet he is the one who is left alone, it’s totally depressing. Ugh!

7. The wolf-pack argues. They are basically family so it makes total sense that they fight, but they do it way too often.

8. The Cullen family sacrifices themselves for others. Okay, so this is totally heroic, but someone could get hurt, which would be horrible.

9. It rains. Enough with the rain! Seriously, the rain in super frustrating.

Tumblr (twilightgifs)

Tumblr (twilightgifs)

10. A painful memory is brought back up. Every film brings up a sad memory of at least one Cullen and it breaks your heart. Even though it makes sense to have an emotional moment, it is not always needed and it happens more often than you might remember.

11. Edward realizes Bella isn’t a vampire. Duh, she’s a human! Why is this so hard for Edward to comprehend?

12. School is a joke and kids are totally mean. This is just stupid. School is not as easy as they make it seem, plus the kids don’t need to be so mean to each other. It is NOT a good example, that’s for sure.

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