15 Annoying Photos You’ll See on Everyone’s Instagram This Spring

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Though the first official day of spring (the vernal equinox, if we’re feeling fancy) isn’t until March 20, the weather has been behaving very spring-like in many locales, especially New York. The sun is shining, grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and spring fever is contagious. Even though spring isn’t perfect, it has a lot to offer. The weather is warmer, nature shows off its colors, and baby animals are born. There are tons of new fashion and beauty trends to try, and lots of organizing to get done. What’s not to love?

Another great thing about spring is that it’s such a picturesque season… and, not surprisingly, everyone on Instagram can’t wait to show it. Much like you can’t escape photos of pumpkin spice lattes and riding boots in the fall, spring has its own bevy of basic social media cliches. Be prepared to see multitudes of each of these pics on your feed this season, along with the caption “Spring has sprung!” and #springfever hashtag. You know what? Spring is springing. Let’s celebrate!

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