14 Annoying AF Celebrity Social Media Trends That Need to Stop This Year

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Celebrities on social media can be a mixed blessing. For every awesome AF Anna Kendrick Twitter account, there are some seriously questionable celebrities who need to take a little break from the Internet. There are some annoying celebrity trends that are giving social media bad name.

Social media is a great way to document your life, as you live it, in an authentic way. Pulling up your old Tumblr and showing your grandkids what was going on in 2015 is going to be awesome, and I will be thankful that I marked what was resonant for me when I was in the middle of living it. That’s why we love following celebrities on social media, too! We get to see into the lives of strangers famous people in the way they want to express it — awesome. All for it. Not awesome? Being fake and weird about it. There’s a potpourri of people using social media the wrong way and accounts that look like they’re run by some weird PR team advising on each Instagram post. It’s an exhausting mess.

Let’s all agree to live more authentically in 2016, shall we? There are some select trends that really stand out as the most annoying from this past year. While celebrities aren’t the only ones guilty of these social media crimes, they certainly give the stamp of approval on the mess they’re co-participating in with the rest of everyone. It’s tired and I’m over it. I’m sure there are some of you who’ve similarly un-followed celebs for being the most annoying people to ever have a data plan. Might I suggest these 14 annoying celebrity trends that need to go away in 2016:

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