Say What?! Anne Hathaway “Hates Exercising!”

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Think all the celebs that are hot workout 24/7 to stay in such good shape? Nope! Even megastars like Anne Hathaway hate spending time on the treadmill. Teen.com got to meet the svelte starlet at a first look for her new movie Rio where she hunched over her shoulders and huffed out “I don’t love exercising.” Then again, can you blame her?

While Anne did play soccer for 12 years before her acting career took off, she seems stuck on the treadmill these days. So, how on earth does Anne stay so darned healthy?

“So when I’m on the treadmill” she said very matter-of-factly, “I look at my watch and I say, ‘this is only 20 minutes versus the rest of my life.’ I break it down into achievable goals, but you do that in life and you’ll wind up doing more than you ever thought you could.”

Wow, Anne! Deep! But she’s also right that exercise is so much more fun when you’re playing, and not just doing! We think Anne needs to hook up with the PUMA girls, Marta, Natasha, Amy and Karina and start kicking the ole’ black n’ white around again! Life’s too short to not love what you’re doing!

What sport do you love playing most? Soccer, like Anne played? Comment below!