Glee‘s Kurt Hummel Just Might Have the Coolest Family Ever

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Glee already has enough princesses on the show in the form of Rachel Berry and, um, Kurt Hummel, but the show is about to get a whole lot more royal! Princess Diaries co-stars and, oh yeah, legendary actresses Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway are in talks to join the show as Kurt’s very gorgeous kin — his grandmother and his gay aunt, respectively.

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Chris Colfer has made it known that he wants both stars on the show, saying “Anne Hathaway wants to play my lesbian aunt. I’m all for that. Could you imagine a family with myself, Mike O’Malley, Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway? That’s one hell of a family.”

And it looks like his wish just might be coming true!

It’s being reported that the two megastars are getting closer and closer to inking a deal with the show. And just as happy as Chris would be if it came through? Anne! She recently said:

“In my head, I’ve cast myself in ‘Glee’ and I know what song I’m going to sing! I would wanna play Kurt’s long-lost aunt’s mother’s sister who is also gay, (who) comes back to help him deal with his sexuality, and I would sing You Are Not Alone from Steven Sondheim’s epic show ‘Into the Woods.'”

Epic is right. Do you want to see Julie and Anne on Glee?