AnnaSophia Robb Just Wants to Party and Do Some Soul Surfing (Exclusive Interview!)

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Not just any hot blonde got to be cast as star surfer Bethany Hamilton in the upcoming biopic of her life, Soul Surfer, out on April 8. It was the amazing AnnaSophia Robb who brought us to tears in Bridge to Terabithia and made us LOL through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We can’t wait to see her surf the waves on screen and show us what Bethany had to do to become a champion!

In her junior year of high school (yep, she goes to a real high school), AnnaSophia took time away from pre-calc homework and prom planning to dish with Teen.com!

Teen.com: So tell us about your fun prom plans.
AnnaSophia Robb: Our school holds an after prom party and it’s always the best.  A lot of people don’t even go to prom because it’s so expensive, but the after party is so majorly decorated you can’t even tell it’s the school and it’s so fun. But I’m going to prom too.

Ed note: We hope we’ll get to see pics!

Teen.com: Have you ever had a really awkward boy moment?
AnnaSophia Robb: Even today…I’m short, so when I go to hug people I go under and I went to hug somebody in the hallway and I went under and they went under and it was in the hallway so it was this awkward dance and it was with a boy so everyone was watching. I just got the biggest hoot out of it. I’m so awkward!

Teen.com: Before the movie, did you already know how to surf?
AnnaSophia Robb: No, so it was really challenging and definitely one of the most physically demanding and difficult roles I’ve done. On one hand, I became really good friends with Bethany Hamilton and her family, but it was a lot of pressure because I wanted to do a good job to tell her story.

Teen.com: What was it like training for this movie for over six months?
AnnaSophia Robb: Bethany would always take me out surfing. I love it. I’m obsessed with the ocean. I’m not very good at all but I love getting out here and paddling around and stuff.

Are you as stoked as we are to see AnnaSophia hang 10?! Can you relate to her awk high school moments? Share yours in the comments below!