You’ve Been Waiting to Hear This YouTube Couple’s Baby News All Week Long!

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We bet you know everything there is to know about YouTube’s reigning family, the Saccone-Jolys. There’s the dad, Jonathan, the mom, Anna, their children, 4-year-old daughter Emilia, 2-year-old son Eduardo and the nearly one-week-old daughter… Hol’ up. What is their newborn baby‘s name?

While you were busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the YT fam’s newest pride and joy, we bet you totally spaced on the little girl’s moniker. Makes sense, considering so did they! “[W]ith all the excitement and adjustment in our lives with bringing her home we totes forgot to share it,” the SJ’s wrote as the caption for one of their latest videos, titled “THE BABY HAS A NAME!” Are you ready for it now? Here, let Emilia tell ya:

Did you get that? It’s… Alessia Francesca Saccone-Joly!

Some fans say they should’ve made it Elessia, so all the kids could have names that start with E, but we think it’s beautiful as is, TBH. Considering the heartbreak Anna and Jonathan endured last year from a miscarriage, they deserve all the happiness in the world. Congrats, fam!
Of all the beauty gurus who are expecting a baby this year, Anna is the first one to give birth! Here’s who else is on baby watch: