Anna Saccone-Joly is Pregnant with Her Fourth Child, a Baby Boy

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And baby makes six for Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly! The YouTube stars announced that they are expecting their fourth child earlier this week, less than a year after their third child, Alessia, was born.

“We always wanted to have another but we didn’t expect or plan to have it so soon,” the couple wrote in the description of the announcement video.

The 30- and 37-year-old shocked fans even further when, just a few days after the pregnancy announcement, they did a gender reveal, too.

The beauty guru said about finding out her newest baby is a boy, “We found out the sex of our baby a few weeks ago…and as this is our last pregnancy (for sure!!) we wanted to keep it a complete surprise & find out together as a family. It was the most amazing experience & full of mixed emotions. I was completely not expecting this result!!”

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Anna and Jonathan already have three children — Emilia, 5, Eduardo, 3, and Alessia, 10 months — and a little “squid” who the blonde miscarried in May 2016.

Emilia wasn’t too thrilled when she first found out she’d be getting a baby brother (LOL!!), but we’re sure she’ll be much happier when he’s actually born. August 2018 can’t come soon enough!

Congratulations to the BIG, happy Saccone-Joly family!