Your Favorite YouTube Family Just Welcomed its Third Child to the World

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Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly‘s journey to have baby number three was a long and difficult battle. The YouTubers, who already have Emilia, 4, and Eduardo, 2, documented their heartache after having a miscarriage last year, and also their joy upon discovering they were pregnant again. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the couple’s third child, a daughter, for months and we are happy to say she’s finally here!

The 37-year-old YouTube star introduced the world to his new little girl on Twitter with an adorable picture of her hand wrapped around his finger.

The photo is super emotional because Jonathan got the squid tattoo in honor of the baby they lost, who they nicknamed ‘Squid.’

In addition to getting TONS of messages of congratulations from fans, many of the pair’s YT friends also showed support and expressed their excitement on social media.

We still don’t know the baby’s name, how much she weighs, when she was born, or WHAT SHE FREAKIN’ LOOKS LIKE, so we’ll just be over here refreshing the family’s YouTube page and social-media accounts obsessively for the next few hours. Don’t judge us, okay?

Of the beauty gurus who are expecting a baby this year, Anna is the first one to give birth! Here’s who else is on baby watch: