Another One of Your Favorite YouTube Couples is Quitting Daily Vlogging

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Another one bites the dust. First, Shay and Colette Butler announced they’d be stepping away from YouTube in the March 2017. Then, about a month later, Benji and Judy Travis decided they, too, would no longer be making daily vlogs on YouTube. It was exactly three weeks ago that Casey Neistat also quit vlogging every day, and now yet another fave is saying goodbye.

Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly have posted a video to YouTube every single day since 2009, but decided it’s time to close that chapter in their life. While the couple is still going to film themselves every day, they will only be uploading Monday through Friday. The YouTubers will also be live-streaming on one day per weekend, so they will definitely still be very present on the site.

“We basically just want our weekends,” the 29-year-old said. “It basically doesn’t change anything; it just means that Jonathan and I don’t have to edit or do any work-related stuff on the weekends.”

The pair’s decision comes just months before they welcome their third child to the world.

You can watch Anna and Jonathan’s full announcement video below:

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