One of Your Fave YouTube Couples Just Announced They’re Having a Baby!

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Yes, Zoe Sugg may have just “announced” that she’s been pregnant for two years (lolz), but it’s actually one of her best friends who’s ACTUALLY the one expecting a baby. Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly have been talking about having a third child for quite some time now, but the two daily vloggers just made the exciting announcement today.

“Surprise! #babysacconejoly,” the 28-year-old YouTuber wrote on an adorable Instagram photo announcing the pregnancy.

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As if the picture wasn’t enough to give SACCONEJOLY fans serious chills, the YouTube couple also posted a video to YT that’ll tug on your heartstrings hardcore. Anna and Jonathan enlisted the help of their two children, Emilia and Eduardo, to make tell their viewers the exciting news.

Anna is currently two months pregnant, but won’t be able to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl until June. Shortly after the couple posted the video, Zoe sent her congratulations via Twitter.

Congratulations to the happy parents! We can’t wait to ‘meet’ the newest member of the YouTube family!

Welp, looks like we can add Anna and Jonathan to the list of stars who made HUGE pregnancy announcements on Instagram!