EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Eve Trilogy’ Author Anna Carey Reveals ‘Rise’ Spoilers

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Anna Carey, Rise (Eve Trilogy Finale) Spoilers

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all about YA books. Especially those of the dystopian variety. Which is why we were so enraptured by the futuristic society Anna Carey created in The Eve Trilogy. Set in a world where females are separated from males since childbirth, and grow up to fear the opposite sex, Eve still manages to find love in Caleb. In book #2, Once, we learn Eve’s actually a princess who’s forcibly brought back to her father, the king of the new world. Before the last book in the series, Rise, releases this week, Anna exclusively reveals the secrets of the final installment…

One of my favorite experiences as a reader is when you’re exhausted, have somewhere to go or something to do, but you just… cannot… put… the… book… down. It’s one of the reasons I loved The Hunger Games so much. If you’ve read the first books in The Eve Trilogy, then you know I’ve worked as many twists and turns in as I could, and have left the first two books on (Big! Frustrating?) cliffhangers. There’s one more massive twist in Rise, the final book in the series. While I can’t tell you what that twist is, I can reveal these (kind of spoiler-y) tidbits.

Three things I shouldn’t tell you about Rise:

1. Characters die. Five to be precise, and they’ve all played an important role in Eve’s life.
2. Eve kills someone (and it might not be who you think).
3. Eve returns to the dugout and makes a life-altering discovery.

Was that too vague? Not vague enough? I’m curious to hear what your favorite twists are in YA series. Is there one cliffhanger that had you throwing your favorite book at the wall?

The final book in The Eve Trilogy, Rise, hits store shelves on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. Have you read the series? What’s your fave dystopian franchise at the moment? Tell us in the comments below!



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