Watch Ann Watching Herself Win Top Model (Exclusive Video)

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ANTM Cycle 15 winner Ann Ward totally won us over with her tearful win on Wednesday’s finale, but getting to see Ann watch herself win Top Model at an exclusive finale viewing party really sealed the deal. Break out the Kleenex, plus find out what the future has in store for both Ann and runner-up Chelsey Hersley in our exclusive video.

Click here to watch the video, then check out our Q&A with Ann!

Teen.com: How does it feel to be America’s Next Top Model?!
Ann Ward: It’s really overwhelming. I never even thought I would have been chosen to be in LA for casting week, much less win the whole competition. It was just really outrageous.

Teen.com: What have you been up to?
Ann Ward: Mostly, I’ve just been waiting for the finale to air, so I can start my career. I’m hoping to travel, get exposure and get a bunch of work.

Teen.com: What made you pursue ANTM?
Ann Ward: I actually got a message from a casting agent who suggested I audition because ANTM was looking for specific looks. I decided to try it because I had been trying to get into the industry. I thought that this was probably a good way to break in.

Teen.com: You rocked every single photo shoot! What goes through your head while on set?
Ann Ward: I’m a really artistic person. I’m really focused on how to make it creative, thinking of different ways to pose. It’s a really fun process for me.

Teen.com: You said you’re artistic. Are you an artist yourself?
Ann Ward: I draw pretty much every day in spirals or wherever I can find a piece of paper and a pen. Before Top Model, I was a student. I was studying to be a 2d animator.

Teen.com: Cool! Any specific type of animations you like?
Ann Ward: I think somebody who inspires me as an anime artist is Hayao Miyazaki.

Teen.com: You’re so young; do you see yourself being a model for the rest of your life?
Ann Ward: Modeling doesn’t really last forever, but I hope that I can make it a long-time career or as long as I can make it. I mean even if I’m not modeling, I’ll probably be doing something along the lines of modeling. Something artistic or voice-over acting.

Teen.com: Voice-over acting? Were you into that before or after the show?
Ann Ward: I was interested in it before the show. I never really tried it. The episode we did voice-over acting wasn’t really that great. I might take some classes. My brother is interested in it and he kind of inspired me.

Teen.com: Do you have a favorite photo shoot?
Ann Ward: Mine was the fallen angel photo shoot because of the creative idea that was behind it and we were able to be suspended in mid air on harnesses and it was just really fun.

Teen.com: What was your best moment on ANTM besides winning?
Ann Ward: I think it was probably when we were able to go abroad. That’s what I was pushing for because I thought it would be amazing to go to one of the places I wanted to visit.

Teen.com: What have you taken away from the experience?
Ann Ward: I’ve definitely taken away a lot of modeling tips. I’m not as lost. I’ve also gained a lot of confidence about myself . I was very insecure going in and then they helped me realize that all the stuff I was bullied about, was stuff that was unique about me and made me, me.

Teen.com: Any advice for girls who want to be models?
Ann Ward: My advice would be to show your personality. I had to work on that during the show, but it’s all about personality. Have confidence and have fun because it’s really just about having fun.
(Interview by Dara Adeeyo)