10 Animated Movies That We Wish Would Get The Live-Action Treatment

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Surviving College

Surviving College

We’ve been hearing rumors about a live-action Beauty and the Beast movie for a while now, but it turns out that it’s actually happening! Disney announced last week that they were adapting the 1991 cartoon into a live action film with Bill Condon, who did two Twilight films, set to direct. The Little Mermaid is getting the live-action treatment from Sophia Coppola as well.

Basically, Disney is turning everything into live action movies, which is totally fine by us. However, there are some movies that studios need to put on their list to be adapted into movies with real humans. I think it’s really unfair that we have, like, 12 Cinderella live-action flicks and two Snow White movies that came out in the same year, but everything else is just stuck in cartoon world. Here are some animated movies that NEED to become live action flicks soon:

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