14 Hacks on How to Turn Yourself Into an Animal Using Makeup This Halloween

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You can create a lot of cool costumes using only makeup — a comic book character, Wednesday Adams, and even a real-life Barbie doll are just some of the options! Another huge category of makeup-only costumes? Animals!

With the help of your favorite bronzers, face paints and liquid liners, you can quickly and easily transform into an adorable deer, sassy fox, sultry tiger, and so much more! Check out the below tutorials and get your Halloween costume on lock in no time at all!

1. Deer are SO adorable, which is why dressing up as one on Halloween is a super popular choice. Here’s how to do it:

2. But your deer costume obviously isn’t complete without antlers!

3. Add some whiskers to this cat-eye look and you’re ready to meow the night away:

4. Cat ears will definitely help get the costume across clearly, too!

5. Follow these steps to transform into a fox:



6. And don’t forget your fox tail!

7. A few black stripes and some spots over a white base is all you need to become a zebra on October 31st:

8. Spots are the most important part of any leopard costume. Here’s how you can make ’em perfect:

9. Contrary to popular belief, leopards and cheetahs are WAY different. Transform into the latter with the tutorial below:

10. Doing giraffe makeup may seem intimidating, but it’s actually really easy!

11. If you’re ready to take on a challenge, try this tiger makeup:

12. Grab some feathers and face paint and you have all you need to become an owl!

13. And you know we couldn’t forget this classic costume — a puppy dog!

14. You may think elephant makeup is impossible, but surprise! It’s not.



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