These Animal Face Towels Will Make Your Nightly Routine Absolutely Purr-fect

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Listen up, cat-lovers and dog-lovers! We know you’re out there and we have some important news to report. Thanks to Firebox, an online retailer based in London, you can now purchase a face towel that looks just like your pet, because LBR, what else would you want to dry your face on after you take off your makeup at night?

Firebox is known for offering some pretty unique products. For example, unicorn tears and donut-shaped pillows are both available for purchase on their site. However, no product has warmed our hearts more than these realistic-looking cat and dog face towels, and we need them all ASAP. See?

As you can tell, the towels are pretty much purr-fect for animal lovers everywhere, and if you’re known as the crazy cat lady or dog lady among your friends, there’s no better way to decorate your bathroom if you ask us!

If you’re interested in snagging some of the cat towels for yourself, there are four different options. But, if the dog towels are more your thing, you can choose from a bulldog, a french bulldog, a golden retriever, or a pug! How cute is that?!

Animal Face Towels


Well, what are you waiting for? you can get these face towels on Firebox’s website now for just $15.69 each, and when you think of all the compliments you’re going to get from houseguests, it’s totally worth it. You’re welcome!