Life (and Love) Lessons You Can Learn from Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

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Get your pens ready, and prepare to take detailed notes because Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are schooling all other celebrity couples (or just couples in general) in the subjects of love and life. ’cause, somehow, they both find ways to be kind of all over each other (yet don’t make us gag at all) and use their celeb statuses to make the world a better place. For those reasons and more, here’s what you can learn from ’em:

1. Take paparazzi opportunities to help your community. OK, so it’s not like us regular people really have this chance, but we just had to bring it up. Just this weekend, rather than argue with the paps (or pull a Justin Bieber and fight ’em!), Emdrew(?) wrote up the signs below to create awareness for a worthy cause. Celebrity do-gooders to the max!


2. Be honest about your relationship, but not too public. Andrew and Emma are constantly spotted holding hands and making googly eyes at each other, so it’s not like they try to hide the fact that they’re together. However, if you ask them about their couple-ship, they will remain as tight-lipped as possible. Andy said it in his Glamour interview, “I don’t talk about anything personal, but I can talk about working with [Emma]. She’s such a huge talent and just full of life. She’s incredibly spontaneous and present, so every moment is something new and something unexpected — to work with that is the ultimate thing. Really, I could talk for a long time about it.”


3. Time apart is a good thing. Although you may want to spend every waking minute with your significant other, putting some space between the two of you is part of a healthy, happy relationship. Fortunately, both members of this particular duo have friends like Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson to lean on when the other’s not around.


4. Laugh! Serious question: Have you ever seen either of ’em without a smile on their face when they’re side-by-side (minus the times the paps are hounding them)? Didn’t think so. But we guess it makes sense. After all, who wouldn’t have a good time with this face?


5. Acknowledge one another’s imperfections. No one — not even Andrew Garfield — is flawless. And this couple realizes that. Both Andrew and Emma even address it in our exclusive video below! (Well, sorta.)

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