How Andrew Garfield Should Spend His 29th Birthday

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So many celeb birthdays lately. Last week was Joe Jonas‘ and Jennifer Lawrence‘s — and on the same day! — today’s Demi Lovato‘s — which you can still leave messages for! — and, of course, Andrew Garfield‘s. Spider-Man’s now 29! If we had it our way, we’d be hanging out with Andrew and ringing in his last 365 days of being in his 20s with style, but since we’re (sadly) not, we came up with some ways he could totally spend his special day:

Playing with Bunnies
When we hung out with Andrew, he told us that he wished everyone in New York City could turn into a bunny for a day. Because come on, who doesn’t love bunnies?
Wearing  His Spidey Suit
Sure, it’s probably not very comfortable, but Andrew skyrocketed into fame after The Amazing Spider-Man. He met girlfriend Emma Stone while filming the movie, too, so that red and blue skintight suit probably holds lots of great memories. And speaking of Emma Stone…


Birthday Date with Emma
Could these two get any cuter? Andrew told us he loves to eat, so we’re sure Em would love to cook her man a nice birthday dinner… As long as it’s not Branzino or mashed potatoes.


Hanging with Olympians
Did you know Andrew was a gymnast and swimmer until he was 13? He should totally hang with the Fab Five and Michael Phelps and relive his athletic glory days. Think he still has what it takes?


Reading Birthday Wishes on Facebook
You know, since he co-invented Facebook — err, we mean played the guy who co-invented Facebook, Eduardo Saverin. Plus, who doesn’t get excited when they see they have 125 new notifications?

Chill with Rob Pattinson and Zac Efron
The trio hung out together at a producer friend’s wedding this summer. No reason why Pattfronfield — you like? — can’t party together to celebrate the last year of Andrew’s 20s.


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